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UDC 681.5
An adaptive polyzonal control method in ordinal scales for energotechnological objects
E.V. Vstavskaya, South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation,
L.S. Kazarinov, South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation,
An adaptive polyzonal control method in ordinal scales for energotechnological objects is considered. The method is based on using ordinal scales for quality estimation of the object output characteristics. Discriminant functions are used for quality grades estimation which determine the corresponding output characteristics domains. A discriminant functions identification algorithm based on object operation data is offered. Robust solution of identification problem is achieved using a regularization method based on minimizing the deviation norm of the estimates of disctiminant function parameters from its nominal values. Solving for optimum values of work-process parameters is based on successive solutions of two subproblems. At the first stage a construction problem of efficient work-process parameters values domain in ordinal scales is solved. The problem is brought to determination of maximum consistent inequalities set of discriminant functions. At the second stage optimum values of work-process parameters are determined using minimum energy consumption criterion. As a whole, a non-stationary on-line decision-making problem for energotechnological objects with variable parameters using the above-considered subproblems is solved.
adaptive polyzonal control, ordinal scales, discriminant function, energotechnological object, quality estimation
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