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UDC 629.783:527
Estimation Ionospheric and Tropospheric Signal Delay for Single-Frequency SRNS receiver
V.E. Vovasov, JSC “Russian Space Systems”, Moscow, Russian Federation,
N.B. Ipkaev, JSC “Russian Space Systems”, Moscow, Russian Federation,
S.A. Gerko, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation,
Creation of three variants of the algorithms of the Kalmanovsky type filter of (FKT) allowing to receive the estimates of ionospheric and tropospheric signal delay of satellite radio navigational systems (SRNS) is considered. Pseudo-ranges (PR) and pseudo-speeds (PS) are used as measurements in the first variant. PR, PS and increments of pseudophases (PF) for some given interval of time are used in the second option. PR, PS and ambiguous PF are used in the third option. It is shown that the third variant is the most expedient method of FKT creation that allows to evaluate ionospheric and tropospheric signal delays of SRNS and a vector of coordinates and speeds of mobile object most precisely in case of use of the single-frequency navigation receiver.
GLONASS, GPS, Kalman filter type, pseudorange, pseudospeed, pseudophase, vertical error course of the beam, ionosphere, troposphere, satellite
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