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UDC 51-74
integrated resource planning and management in the heat power complex of a metallurgical enterprise
Barbasova Tatiana Alexandrovna, PhD, associate professor of Automation and Control department of SUSU,
An approach to integrated resource planning and management of metallurgical processes is considered. Questions of construction the integrated management for a heat power complex of metallurgical plant are considered. The construction is carried out based on the concept of energy saving station in terms of criteria of power supply effectiveness.
A general scheme of the integrated resource planning and management in a heat power complex of the metallurgical plant is provided. For the purpose of system consideration of the specified power processes in combination with energy saving processes it is expedient to represent them as dual power streams – streams of real energy resources and return streams of saved resources.
Mode optimization problem of heat power stations that utilize secondary energy resources of metallurgical production is considered.
For tasks of operational management of steam supply efficiency macro models of steam systems and networks of metallurgical production are considered.
conservation power plant, integrated resource planning, negawatt, energy efficiency
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