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UDC 621.383.933 + 004.43.021
Modelling of Bifurcation Processes of the Modes of the Current Regulator of Light-Emitting Diodes
G.A. Saeed, South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation,
This article is devoted to the development of algorithms for simulation of processes of bifurcations mode of current regulator of LED lighting products. In this paper, algorithm for calculation of the bifurcation diagram is carried out. The character of the complication oscillation when changing parameters is illustrated. New type of C-bifurcation, leading to the smooth transition from the twofrequency oscillations to a stable periodic mode is identified. The mathematical model of this circuit is described. Algorithms are implemented in software. The results of testing the program written in the programming language C ++ are shown.
modeling, light-emitting diodes, stabilizer, bifurcation diagram
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