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UDC 621.396.677.8, 621.396
Multi-Frequency Technique of Radome Loss Measurement
N.V. Samburov, Typhoon JSC, Kaluga, Russian Federation,
The measurement of the specified radome example radiotechnical parameters for antenna radiation pattern forming the quality evaluation proposes is a technically complicated problem. A radome is often placed at the near-field zone and there is no possibility to evaluate its influence on antenna radiation pattern solitary. The mathematic method or the radome example dielectrically properties evaluation technique are ordinary used at this case. The technique of EM wave transmission loss measurements and the problems of practical implementation are being discussed with regards to radome of a regular type. We offer series of methods to resolve problems, caused by multipath effects. The multi-frequency procedure of radome reflectivity levelling is proposed to measure losses by substitution technique.
radome, transmission loss measurement, reflection, measurement, radome measurements
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