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UDC 621.396.677.49
Parameter Estimation Methods Radio Channel LTE Network
Ju.Yu. Kolyadenko, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkov, Russian Federation,
A.M. Alali, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkov, Russian Federation,
Measurements in the frequency range of SINR 1920…1980 MHz network LTE are done. Their mean values and variances are calculated according to the obtained samples. Autocorrelation functions of sample data and cross-correlation function are built. The analysis has showed that the channel parameters are statistically dependent.Two-dimensional model equations of state and observation equations are developed on the basis of the average values of processes, variances and correlations intervals calculated on the obtained samples.The Kalman – Bucy procedure is offered to use for the assessment of the SINR channels. The block diagram of the experimental machine, which consists of the observation model, the model of evaluation procedure and model of procedure of analysis results processing is suggested.The analysis has showed that the inclusion of reciprocal links gives a considerable gain (more than by 10 times) when evaluating statistically dependent processes.
network LTE, parameter measurement, evaluation of measurements, statistical characteristics
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