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UDC 681.5.58
Synthesis of Differential Control Algorithm of the Digital Tracking Electric Drives of Mobile Robots by (E)-Operator Method
V.V. Safronov, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (Roskosmos), Korolev, Russian Federation,
The mathematical Е-operating method is intended for transformation of the of differential equations system to the tracking electric drive mathematical model equations system. In contrast to the known algorithms for numerical integration, for example, in the Matlab-Simulink, E-method allows to synthesize of the transfer function of tracking electric drives for both sequential and parallel differential algorithms for working in real time on the basis of both software and hardware shifting registers. It is important to note that these algorithms cannot be implemented using Matlab-Simulink. Parallel algorithm provides greater performance than serial algorithm. Parallel algorithm can be implemented "conveyor" method of using multiple coprocessors at the same time.Method is an alternative of the means available in Matlab-Simulink programme for description and analysis of the tracking electric drive model. In the first part of the article the synthesis algorithm using traditional means of differential calculus and Laplace transforms describes. In the second part of the article a solution of the same problem with the use of the Е-operating method presents. The results obtained can be used in mechatronics, robotics, automatic control theory, in the practice of building looking for tracking electric drive.
control, witness of the electric drive, parallel and serial algorithm, differential equations, transfer functions, integrators, shift registers, real time
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